Study Abroad: Planning, Apply and Techniques

Study abroad for Bachelor, Masters, and Ph.D. is a unique experience to upgrade your education, know about different culture, and travel around. The best way to explore new destinations is to find the best program that you would like to study and compare the different aspects along with your budget. Apart from completing your education, you get experience in culture, tradition, food, and art in real time. It is a good way to travel overseas and explore new cities, mountains, beach or anything that interests you. Traveling to different countries helps to discover, learn, understand and connect with new people. Some of the countries even provide free education, so you always had the option of getting an education on a very minimum or no budget.

  • Why Study Abroad

It is very important to learn about the world outside your country of origin. People fear of getting alienated to explore new country or fear of not getting along with the destination country. But it takes few weeks to understand and get along with any culture if you are an open-minded and like to mix with any people. Mixing with different cultures and know about the food, culture, and lifestyle gives you a chance to know about the world and gain experiences. Studying in the multicultural environment helps you

Types of Study Abroad Program

  • Gap Year

Gap years are typically a year break before going to the school or university. This is the best time for the students to explore new culture, food and interact with various different people. A gap year abroad is a way to learn new things before actually joining any programs for bachelors or masters. A gap year abroad can also be helpful to learn a new language and study various interest related short courses. There are various gap year programs provided by many countries and some are tailored to learn about university-level coursework before enrolment. This will also help you to understand your interest before actually pursue your masters.

  • Exchange Student

Exchange programs are partnered institution programs arranged by your host institution to study abroad and learn about the particular coursework. You must prepare beforehand for exchange student program as it takes 10 months in advance to process the application and get selected by the partnered institution.

  • Under Graduate

An undergraduate / Bachelor’s / or simply graduate in some countries is a type of first-degree education in any major to explore the life of a university. Many countries offer various programs to the international students. Some of the countries offer courses in 3 years to 5 years depending on the program and country. There are many countries that you can study, some teach in English, some in local language like German, Dutch, French, Japanese, Korean etc. Asian and European universities are a good way to explore various culture, language, cuisines, and international exposure.

  • Graduate

Graduate / Masters / Post Graduate programs are the most popular amongst the international students as after getting your first degree and experience, you want to explore the world and study in different culture and society.

  • Intern Abroad

An international internship is a good way to start your career after graduation. You can find many volunteering and internship programs like UN internships, World Bank Internships, development interns and other prestigious programs like Peace Corps (for US Citizens), and other country-specific programs. You can search two websites like and for more information.

  • Doctoral Studies

Ph.D. or Doctoral studies is a professional upgrade to your research career. If you are interested and keen to opt for research as your career path, then Ph.D. in a good international university might help. You have to consider the duration, funding sources and research topic before moving forward with your studies.

Find the International Program taught in English or your language of choice.

There are many ways to search for universities offering programs in English, for example in European countries you can search through country sponsored websites like:

For Holland/Netherlands

For Germany:

For Sweden:

For Norway:

For Finland:

For Denmark:

  • Cost of Study

Most of universities in Germany and Scandinavian countries(Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden) has free education on public institutions. And also you can get a scholarship for your living costs. Asian Universities are costly but easy to get scholarships in Japan, Hong Kong, and Korea.

  • Search for the Study Destination and Cost of Living

Search for the right program and budgeting your study is the toughest part of study abroad program. Some of the countries provide free education and easy to access the career options and others provide better education.  

  • Recommended Countries to Study Abroad

We recommend you to search for the study programs in Germany and Scandinavian Countries. These countries have a low cost of living and free education. Getting your studies in Europe is the best option to explore the European Union with a single Schengen Visa. In addition, to European countries, you can also explore Canada and New Zealand, Singapore as your study abroad destination

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