Why Teach Abroad?

With the high employment rates, it’s become difficult for any millennial to survive right out from college. It’s inevitable that most recent graduates will find themselves sitting around their parent’s house waiting for a job interview. Or perhaps you already have a job and you’re finding yourself dispassionate in your life. These are some of the many reasons why you should consider teaching abroad!

Chance to Travel

Free flight to the country of residence and back home. Most teaching programs/ academies will give a travel reimbursement. Also, you will get a chance to enjoy being next to different countries that are much more cheaper to travel to now.


Learn a new language! Being abroad will give you the chance to take a language class and practice it in the country daily.


Save money while teaching abroad. Most programs or academies will help with living/ transportation costs or they offer a higher pay than the cost of living. Keep in mind that it does depend on your contract and the cost of living.


Get the chance to enter a different culinary world where food tastes entirely different. Take a few cooking classes and eat at a range of different restaurants.


Take the opportunity to learn an entirely different culture. Learn about the country’s rich history and wear the traditional clothing. Practice the different customs that bring harmony to this society.

Exposure to a Bigger World

Allow yourself to experience a different perspective on how to live life. See the world from another lens.

Mental Health

If there’s a lot going on at home, take a much-needed break and allow your soul some isolation to heal. Sometimes it’s easier to heal if your out of that negative space and in a new space where you can build yourself up.

Challenge Yourself to Leave Your Comfort Zone

Life can get quite mundane at times. Bring some excitement back into your life and challenge yourself by leaving everything. Teaching abroad will allow this freedom with some securities in place so you don’t have to worry about living costs.

Make New Friends

Travelers and expats are always looking to create a new community and make new friends. Take this chance to reach out to other fellow travelers. Also, become friends with a wide range of people from all around the world.

Be an Ambassador of your Country

Represent your home and share your culture with the world. Whether its food, language or national holidays, share that with the world and allow them to experience your country’s diversity.

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