12 Changes Towards a Healthy Life for Women

Beyonce’ was not joking when she called for us ladies. It’s time to get into formation! It’s time to take control of your health and start making the necessary changes for what my mother calls, “a brighter future”. This future is only bright if you’re feeling happy, confident, and healthy. So let’s put on that sports bra and sweats because Usher said it best in 2004, “Let it Burrrrrrrn, Let it Burrrrrn.”


Get in the habit of drinking more water. An average person should be drinking about 8 glasses of water a day. Try cutting out soda or heavily sugared juice from your diet. Make water your go-to liquid to fill your thirst. If the taste gets too bland, add some low-calorie flavoring such as Crystal Light.

Vegetable Buffet

People often concentrate and dread the idea of having to cut the amount of food from their daily intake because of the calorie count. Think of it this way, you’re allowed to eat all the healthy vegetables you want. Be creative and find those healthy alternatives so you can still eat your favorite foods. So instead of crying about loosing out on pasta because of the heavy carbs, switch it up to zucchini pasta and still enjoy your dinner.  Bring out your inner chef skills and test your creativity.

Spice It Up!

Start loading up on your spice rack because healthy spices are a sure way to help your digestive system burn those calories and keep a healthy body. Spices like turmeric, cayenne pepper, parsley, cinnamon, and ginger are some of the many spices you can use to really help boost your health. Be careful with salt and sugar when cooking, but it’s always good to give your food an extra kick with healthy spices. Be creative and think of ways to add these delicious spices into your meals. Try ginger or cayenne pepper in your stir-fry. Add some extra turmeric in that chicken vegetable curry. Try to use every chance to sneak these healthy spices into your diet.

Plan your Meals or Meal Prep

Start trying to plan your meals. Make a list of healthy meals you can eat for the week. Some people like to prep their meals ahead of time into containers designating which days they can eat the different meals. It gives you control in helping monitor your food intake and also helps saves money.


Consider taking multivitamins or Omega 3 to help boost your body. Do research online, better yet, ask a health practitioner or nutritionist for which supplements to help your health. A common misunderstanding is that supplements or protein shakes are only meant for men or insane gym rats. However, anyone can find the right supplements such as multivitamins or Omega 3 to help them with their diet.

Walk or Run

Whatever day it is, you decide and find that safe path you don’t mind using. You can start walking before jogging or running. Go at your own pace. Use this power time for reflection or to get rid of any negativity. Bring a companion along or bring your mp3 player. Just make sure that you are keeping your body busy and enjoying it.

Dance – Dance – Dance

If music is your love then start dancing that weight off. Look for the music that makes your body want to move it in all kinds of directions. Sign up for a dance class or better yet; find an empty space where you can go crazy without worrying anybody watching you. Make sure to update your playlist so you’re always grooving to new jams.

Workout Buddy

Find someone who will workout with you! Whether it’s doing the same bikini guide workout plan or taking daily walks around the park, you partners in crime are doing it together. Whether near or far, keep each other updated on your eating habits and workouts. Put each other in check and back on the plan when you see either person slacking.

Workout Guides

Gyms aren’t the only places where your body can burn those calories. One of the most beloved trends that allow people to stay within the comfort of their homes is to follow a workout guide. Some of the popular guides include Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide or Body Boss which are a mix of cardio with strength exercises that include a pre-workout guide. Another favorites are the Insanity or P90X video guides, almost like taking a boot camp exercise program, these can really challenge you and help the process of whipping your body into shape quickly.

Health Care Professional or Trainers

Depending on your goals and current health. Try seeking advice from health care professional, they can monitor and help guide you through this process. If you have the budget, then consider getting a trainer. Trainers can be a hit or miss, like most relationships, you have to find the one that fits you. Look for the trainer who will help push you to your limit but also makes you feel comfortable to be around to chat with.

Sign Up for a Class

Look up something that you would enjoy and also help reach your goals for a healthy life. Most popular choices are: yoga, zumba, Pilates, boot camp, dancing of any sort, or fighting. Even a drumming lesson or meditation circle will be helpful. You’re going to get a chance to learn a new skill, burn fat, make friends, and have a good time. Classes are plentiful everywhere, you can find classes at your local gyms, YMCA’s, and even Groupon offers deals.

5:2 Life Style

Emma Cook’s advice in keeping a healthy lifestyle by following the 5:2 system is truly revolutionary. The way it works is that you follow your diet and workouts five out of seven days of the week. Then for two of those days, you give yourself a cheat day where you can eat and relax. However, please note that this system only works if you don’t over indulge on your cheat days. We are all human and need breaks from having to constantly follow a structure, that’s why the 5:2 technique works best. That way your diet isn’t a temporary diet that can lead to a yo-yo effect, but a long-term change of health. Check out her book for more details.

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