20 Productive Things to Do: Getting Busy with Good Results

By doing all 20 productive things to do or even just a few, you can get busy with great results; benefits not only you but others as well.

Nowadays, many people mistake being busy with being productive. There is a huge difference between the two in relevance and substance. Being busy may keep your hands and mind at work, but not necessarily with things that are essential. Updating your status on Facebook or reading the day’s numerous tweets from celebrities you follow are definitely not activities that will profit you in the long run. That is what being productive means, which is to engage in an activity that will bear the fruit of great benefit to you and others. To put it simply, you can be productive when you are busy and get great results. For instance, a writer gets productive when he finishes a chapter on his book or a student completes his homework. Being productive pertains to doing things of importance.

Here are 20 productive things to do to help you spend your time wisely:

  1. Get organized. Make a list of the productive things you can do and stay away from the TV.
  2. Clean the house. You will be amazed to know that the house never gets really clean no matter how diligent you are with your vacuuming. There are corners and nooks that have been collecting dust for years and it is time to give it your full attention.
  3. Check your fridge. You might not have noticed that the yogurt you brought months ago is quietly breeding more bacteria in the farthest corner of your fridge. Take it out along with other unpleasant items and give your fridge a nice washing through.
  4. Raid your closet. Over the years, you have collected a number of shirts, jeans and other knickknacks that you have not really used for a long time. It may be time for a garage sale and give your closet the extra space you have been wanting.
  5. Go over your important documents. If you have not done your filing for easy access to your important documents, do so now. If you have done this before, then recheck everything for there are bound to be new ones that have not been placed in the right folder.
  6. Clean your laptop. More often than not, our computer rarely gets a good cleaning of old files that are taking vital disk space. Have you checked your mail lately? Find time to delete the read and unimportant ones. Though virtual space seems to be infinite, why clutter it with virtual trash.
  7. Organize your photos. With the advent of the digital camera, it is easy to have as much as 1,000 photos per month. If you have 3 kids, then multiply this by 3. Choose the important ones, worth printing and display it where they are sure to bring up good memories and brighten up your day.
  8. Read the newspaper. It is not just who got killed this time or which celebrity had a baby that you must peruse with gusto. Go through editorials and find out what are the pressing issues in the world.
  9. Instead of watching TV, get physical. Everybody can benefit from a good walk or a short run.
  10. Do a bit of gardening. Getting down on your knees and your hands dirty may actually be relaxing. It keeps you busy while you get a free landscaping.
  11. Learn a new recipe. If the kids are bored with your spaghetti, go for something new like carbonara or pesto. They say eating a variety of food makes a powerful combination of vital nutrients.
  12. Write a blog. Yes, many people have done so and you should try your hand on writing. Who knows that there may be a poor soul out there who will read your blog and learn a vital lesson. Just be sure not to fill your blog with the latest news and gossip about your celebrity; those things we can do without.
  13. Try a new restaurant. This time give your palate something new to experience.
  14. Master a new skill. It is never too late. Even old dogs can be taught new tricks and you are definitely smarter than a canine. Try knitting, learning to play the guitar or furniture making. This is getting busy with great results.
  15. Learn a new song. You never know when you need to participate in a karaoke party so having a new song in your repertoire may actually entertain the young folks and they may even sing along instead of just you and sweet Auntie Bertha, the old maid, singing a duet.
  16. Expand your vocabulary. If you get tangled up in a heated argument on whether Pope Benedict should resign or not, it would be a boost to do it with your newly learned vocabulary.
  17. Explore a new hairstyle. Like clothes, hairstyles change so try a new hairdo. Do not be a spectacle from the past and get modernized.
  18. Read a good book that you have long ago put in your New Year’s resolution but never really got to it.
  19. Redecorate your house. Remember that a change of scenery can affect our moods. Well, not everybody can just a pack a bag and go. You can redecorate instead and give your home a new look.
  20. Go outdoors. What better way to spend a free time than to be with Mother Nature. This will give your lungs the fresh air they have been wanting for days. Maybe now is a good time to find a different walking trail, there might be exciting adventures just around the bend.
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