Get Rid of Cold Sores Natural Ayurvedic Remedies

We like to look presentable at all times especially during important occasions. This is why having visible blemishes like the unsightly cold sores call for immediate action like the application of an effective cold sore remedy.


Cold sores are those tiny clusters of blisters on your lip that can erupt into a full blown sore. It is uncomfortable and painful. Cold sores are also known as fever blisters and are highly contagious. They are caused by a virus, the herpes simplex type 1, which also gave them the name, Lip Herpes.


More likely, you contracted the cold sore when you were a child through contact with infected saliva. You did not know this because the virus has the ability to lie dormant and can live permanently in our nerve endings. The virus is then activated by a number of reasons, such as stress both physically and mentally, fatigue, severe exposure to the sun, an illness like colds or flu, or disorders that compromise the immune system.


How do you get rid of cold sores naturally?


In truth, our body can handle cold sores given there is no secondary infection, which can occur by scratching or mishandling of your cold sores. In a period of 3-4 weeks, the sores will subside gradually, but it could recur when triggered. If you are sitting it out, it is best to buy over-the-counter painkillers like aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen.


However, there is a way to speed up the healing process through a number of natural remedies. Still the most important cold sore remedy is fairly simple: You should never touch, pinch or prick your cold sores for these could lead to further bacterial infections.


You can get rid of cold sores naturally through the following methods:


#1 For immediate relief, rub ice on the sores for at least 30 seconds. Repeat this every hour. In fact, you can even delay the onset of a cold sore if you apply ice at the onset of the tingling sensation.


#2  To protect your lips from secondary infection, you may apply petroleum jelly, which aids in the healing process and reduces the risk of further infection.


#3 Applying lemon balm or extract also helps in healing the blisters. Using cotton, press it on the sores and repeat this until you feel relief from pain.


#4 Salt, believe it or not, can also speed up healing. It may sting a bit, but salt is a good disinfectant. After dabbing salt with a little water on the affected area, you may add aloe vera or topical oil.


#5 There are various herbal extracts that can offer relief as well as aid in healing. The more popular on the list of herbal cold sore remedy is none other than tea tree oil, but you may also try melissa oil, lavender oil, calendula tincture, myrrh tincture or golden seal tincture. Use cotton to apply the extracts,


#6 You can get rid of cold sores naturally by looking in your cupboards. This is because you can use tea bags. Simply wet one and apply on the blistered skin for several minutes. Repeat the procedure after an hour.


#7 Licorice can also work but not the candy, which is often flavored with anise. Use licoric powder and then sprinkle on the sore. However, use licorice with caution for it can have side effects when used as a medication.


#8 Drink cold milk, making sure to let it touch the lips when you feel a tingling sensation. Once the sores break out, cold milk can also offer a bit of relief.


How can you prevent cold sores?


An effective cold sore remedy is well and good, but an ounce of prevention is even better. There is no cure for cold sores but you can prevent its onset.


Avoid triggers especially stress


Detoxify to boost your immune system. Remove toxins in your body so that your immune system will function optimally. Start with a diet of fruits and vegetables, eating a variety of disease-fighting vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, onion, ginger, beans and lots of garlic, which has been well-documented as a certified immunity booster.


Use sunscreen SPF 15 or higher


Starve the virus. Avoid arginine-rich foods like chocolate as well as nuts, grains, and seed. Instead, eat lysine-rich foods like meat and dairy products especially yogurt, cheese and milk.


For sure, people who are suffering from cold sores can find easy relief with the right cold sore remedy. You can help your family members or close friends by liberating them from the discomfort brought by cold sores. It is imperative that you contain the spread of the infection. It is as simple as changing your toothbrush during and after eruption as well as not sharing towels or drinking cups and more. It is good to be cold sores free so stay healthy and find ways to de-stress regularly.

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