Bucket List for Everyone: Do it for Yourself

After reading the autobiography by Sheryl Sandberg, “Lean In”. I couldn’t get the question out of my head and kept thinking to myself….

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

Isn’t that just the biggest question? Most of us all live in fear of how everything can go wrong. Scared to live destitute or heartbroken. Torn to pieces bypass mistakes or stories passed on from the ear of society’s weight hanging on our shoulders.

Whether you’re a millennial trying to navigate pass your school debts or a single divorcee entering your mid-life crisis. This is a shout out of inspiration to each and every one of you. It’s never too late to make a change. Take a stand for yourself and make life worth living again. Let go of all the things that tied you to your comfort zone and accept this challenge. Live for Yourself!

Once again, I’m going to ask you….

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

Here are some suggestions to answer this question:

Move to a Different Place

Pack your bags and get out. Whether it’s a short-term vacation, abroad escapade, or a permanent change. Leave! Out of your neighborhood, city, state, province, or even country. See something different and spend your day in a complete way. Change up the scenery.

Wake up and have breakfast sitting on your porch watching the ocean waves in Greece. Or go biking around the Hanoi in Vietnam and grab a delicious Bahn Mi sandwich. Drink wine as you absorb the sun’s warm rays in Tuscany. Imagine where you see yourself at peace and do it. It can be for only one day or maybe forever. Make it happen!


Start putting aside some money little by little or if you have those savings you’ve been building up then its time to use it! Find out where you want to go and go! Whether by car, train, or airplane, it’s time to leave and see the unknown. Create your own adventures and take that step to see the world. Learn about a new culture and expose yourself!

Fall in Love

Open your heart and fall in love. It doesn’t matter if it’s a temporary relationship or a long-term one. Experience what it means to get into a relationship and create a communion with another human. Always keep your independence and your identity, but it never hurts to fall in love. After all, it’s better to have loved than never loved at all.

Taste Every Thing

Do you eat to live or live to eat? Another trick question but one that needs no answer. Unless you have a health reason or restrictive diet, try to taste different kinds of foods. Foods are such a bridge into a new culture or even self-awareness. Are you a person that likes spices? Sweets? Bitterness?  Enjoy what life has to offer. Humans make delicious concoctions every day to share with the world. Don’t hold yourself back. Taste it!

Make Diverse Friends

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, making friends is one of the most human activities people need to cherish more. Maybe its because we all get stuck meeting the same types of people that run in the same social circles or communities, but people aren’t meeting face to face anymore. Try going beyond your normal circles of friends and meeting new people! Everyone you will meet has something to teach you or something to offer. Take advantage of this moment with more people speaking main languages and broaden your social circles.

Feel Great about your Body

Take some time to organize a plan and start taking care of your body. Eat healthy and work out. Look into the mirror every day and say an affirmation to yourself. You are GORGEOUS! You are BRILLIANT! Forgot what all the haters and media say. You are a gift of the gods!

Quit your job…. Find a job you LOVE

If you have that one job that just kills your spirit and makes your depressed. Quit! There are plenty of jobs in the world and they will be happy to hire you. Regardless of whatever education, skills, or experience, you lack. The right attitude can really make a difference in that job interview. Nothing is worth more than your spirit and a can-do attitude.

And if you can find that dream job, go for it. Do the qualifications and apply! If your dream job doesn’t earn much income then do it for a short time or find a side hustle so you can do both. It’s possible if you make it possible. Never give up.

Hang out with your Family

It’s hard to imagine but our grandparents and parents were once young and cool at one point in their lives. Our siblings aren’t the same people fighting for the remote and trying to change the channel, well for some people. Try hanging out with your family in a different setting where you are befriending them. You’re not spending time out of blood obligations but a genuine wanting to advance your relationship into a friendship. This may be difficult and even awkward to try to attempt but it never hurts to try.

Treat Yourself!

Treat yo’ self! That’s right! If you are that person constantly working and worrying about your financials, treat yo’ self. If it’s that car you always wanted, that dream vacation, or even that one restaurant you walk drooling to try one day. You deserve it! For once, spoil yourself without guilt.

Stand Up for Something

Find out what is that constant thing in your life that is bugging you and try to change it. It could be that coworker who bullies you, a neglectful spouse, or maybe dissatisfaction with your status. Either way, stand up for yourself and make a change. Life is a way to short to allow these annoyances to continue!

If there’s something you want to stand up on behalf of others, that’s even better! Selflessness is the best act of kindness. The homeless in the streets need advocating, stray dogs, political movements, or perhaps there’s another cause that you want to be part of. Your actions of self-awareness and trying to act upon it are forms of justice we need in the world. So what are you waiting for a superhero? Go put on that cape and try to make a difference for yourself or for others. Being kind every day is a heroic act in itself so let’s get started soon!

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