Steps to Improve Productivity

In the words of Paul J. Meyer about improving productivity, he perfectly makes his point in “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

Here are simple techniques to increase your productivity so you can look forward to greater outputs:

#1. Detect your energy biorhythm.

This means that you should be aware of your energy levels throughout the day. There are persons who upon waking up have already high energy levels while there are persons whose energy peaks up at the middle of the day. There are also persons who perform best at night. Take advantage of this and you will notice that your efficiency comes naturally. Do not be too hard on yourself and work in consonance with your body rhythm.

#2. Work steadily even if it is incremented.

If you have a tendency to linger or procrastinate, divide your task into smaller quantities. This is a practical tip for tasks that can be accomplished in as short as 30 minutes. Start with a list of tasks to be done. Estimate the time required to accomplish the whole task. For example, if the whole task will take 2 hours to finish, you can divide it into smaller tasks which can be accomplished in more or less 30 minutes. Then check your progress every 30 minutes. Tick a check opposite the task once it is accomplished. In this way, you feel a sense of accomplishment. If in case you lag for a few minutes, you can challenge yourself to improve or catch up better in the next succeeding 30 minutes. “Inspire and challenge yourself” are the operative words here.

#3. Be focused.

For several minutes before you start the task, psyche up or conditioned yourself that in the next or so hours your goal is to finish a task. Discipline yourself not to be distracted by phones, emails, and social networking sites.

#4. Find a deeper reason or cause of what you do or why you should accomplish it.

We do things for a reason. It could be because of a direct or immediate material benefit. It can also be some intangible benefits in the near future for you or for your loved ones. Others have worked for even less, as long as the work fulfills their passions.

#5. Tackle first the hardest or the not so welcomed task.

Once you have accomplished the difficult portion, you can enjoy the rest of the day with relative ease.

#6. Put on some mild music just to set the mood.

Music has been proven beneficial in helping us prepare for our tasks. First, it relaxes us and refills our energy to tackle the task at hand.

#7. Switch on an imaginary button in your mind.

Fix your work desk, drink water, and spray on some mild cologne are just a few tricks to signal your brain that you will start tackling a task pronto. “Easy does it” seems a good mantra here.

#8. Keep a notepad at hand.

In this way, you can record any random thoughts that may cross your mind for you can jot it immediately on your notepad. In doing so, you are free to focus on your task; confident that the essential information is recorded properly. This information can be important reminders or simply things to purchase before heading home.

#9. Evaluate your progress and record this in the journal.

Be honest with yourself and write exactly what you think and feel. You can be brief or direct to the point, or you can elaborate on whatever it is that is bothering you, no matter how insignificant or hackneyed it may be. Even the mundane can seriously hamper your productivity. Once things are clearer, there is now room for creative ideas that may just be popped up to improve your productivity.

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