Things to do when you are in a bad mood

Getting angry is easy enough, but getting out of it is tricky. Many people do all sorts of rash and dangerous things when they are in a foul mood. Some punch walls, smash things or even say hateful words they do not mean. For sure, people who are in a bad mood seem to take delight in destroying things or hurting others. Once the rage has subsided, you will be surprised at the destruction wrought by these uncontrolled emotions. Hence, anger management therapy is all the rage; pardon the pun, because the loss seems somehow great. By loss, we are not just talking about broken furniture or objects, but in terms of broken relationships or broken hearts.

Hence, you need to master your mood swings and your anger. You need to find out the helpful things to do when you are in a bad mood.

  1. Call a friend and find a shock absorber.

We are emotional beings so we are often ruled by our emotions. For this reason, we need to vent and the safest way to do this is to dial a friend rather than punch an uncaring and solid wall. A good friend can act as a shock absorber, ready to listen to our tirades until we run out of breath. However finding a good friend with a lot of patience is rare nowadays. If you have not made that investment yet, does so now. If you live in an isolated place, get a pet instead. You will be amazed by how attentive and eager they are to listen to you.

  1. Eat something.

Weight watchers would definitely holler and yell if you seek comfort in comfort foods like chocolates, cakes, ice cream and all those yummy pastries. Well, they do have a point. Many people began a bad relationship with food because they eat when they are depressed or in a bad mood. However, food can be your ally if you practice moderation. Many times, people are easily angered when they are hungry. Food can replenish the vital nutrients you lack so nibble in a bar of dark chocolate or eat some spicy foods for an endorphin, the happy hormone, kick.

  1. Find out what is bugging you.

Not all who snap do so, for no reason at all. There is always a cause or a trigger. Many times, people who are experiencing undue stress or pressure, either in work or in school, may not be the most patient and understanding of all people. This is why when you are facing a deadline or doing something gravely important, it may be best to be upfront with the people around you so that they can steer clear from you. Even the kindest person would have bad days so do not be so hard on yourself if you are feeling angry or even frustrated. Instead, acknowledge the emotion and then follow-up with a good question of ‘why’. If you can trace the cause of your annoyance or bad mood, then you have taken the first step in checking yourself and eventually finding a good solution to avoid it.

  1. Get busy.

They say idle minds are the root of evil so make yourself busy and do the things that you enjoy. Read that novel that you bought months ago, but never got around to reading it. Visit a spa and get pampered. Or go to an amusement park and be carefree as a child. The list of things you can do when you are in a bad mood is endless. If you are still stumped and have no idea what to do, experiment! Try something new, different or even exciting. If you have not tried skiing, dared not go bungee jumping, or got close to shark swimming, this may be the time to something daring, but safe. It may just be what the doctored ordered.

  1. Take some cave time, change the scenery.

For many people, some quality “me” time is the answer. Stopping everything to have that moment just for you with no kids to feed, no reports to submit, and no stress of any sort is the perfect solution. After all, not everybody has the good fortune to just pack a suitcase and fly somewhere. To have a change of scenery, go to the nearest park, find a quiet corner in the school library or just have a cup of coffee in the nearest café.

  1. Put your shoes in theirs.

A bad mood is often triggered not just by something like stress, but more often, because of someone you have had a disagreement with. Whether it is a quarrel with your spouse, a co-worker or your teenage daughter, always make it a point to look at the other side of the fence. Put yourself in their shoes and see if you have done anything that could have made them upset. Oftentimes, we do not see the effect of our actions and yet we are quick to find fault with others. Find out why your spouse forgot your anniversary, why your coworker said something unpleasant about you to your boss or why your teenage daughter broke her curfew.

  1. Count your blessings.

If things are in a terrible mess and you feel like there is no reason for you to be cheerful or even pleasant, there is still hope as long as you are still alive. There must be something still good in your life if you just take the time to look at what is important. Do you have friends or even just a friend? How about your family? Do you still have your health? If you say no to these questions, then it may take double effort to be happy. Well, you can always find a friend, reconnect with your family or enjoy quality life even with a poor health. All you need is to follow the above-mentioned things to do when in a bad mood. You will see that a person with a happy disposition is irresistible.

Always find a way to vent a bad mood into something constructive. Remember, bad moods come and go, but the damage they bring may last forever.

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