Everything about Starting a Blog and Earn Side Income

If you are tired of 9 to 5 job and you are looking to ignite your passion for writing through the blog and earn side income with a decent amount of money then it is the best time to start your journey for financial freedom. Dedicate a two-hour time to a blog about your passion or profession could be a possibility was of steady income. Some of the serious bloggers earn a decent amount of $100000 annually. The earning potential depends on various factors like traffic, marketing, (Search Engine Optimization) SEO, SMM, Affiliates and Google Adsense. Good blogs can be a full-time career if you put most of the time blogging about the things you like. Back in 2000, when Google was in its inception any blog can get a higher rank and earn a lot of money through Google Adsense by focusing on specific keywords. The term keywords and its utilization in marketing and SEO will be discussed in further sections. The blog doesn’t get traffic automatically but you have to create various traffic sources like social media, search engines and other sources of traffic. However, you can always outsource this mini jobs online through various freelancers without maintaining any costs for office space.

How to choose the topic to write?

It is always advisable to write a blog about your passion and the topics you know about. But you need to consider about the topic popularity. For example, very few people will search for the topic about “basketball” compared to hot topics like cooking, traveling, money, politics, education etc. In addition, niche topics are always preferred because you can highlight your skills and expertise based on your experiences. The topic should be unique and trend in the market to catch the reader’s attention. To know about the current trends, you can use the Google trends (https://trends.google.com/trends/) to know about the global, local and national trending search and topics. Google trends projects the interest about any topic into a graphical form which can analyze based on various durations. For example, on the topic of “travel in Asia” it shows the interest by countries, related topics and related queries that people search, instead of using only the keyword of “travel in Asia”, people use “places to travel in Asia” in their search terms. Other queries that can be explored are “best places to travel in Asia” and “where to travel in Asia”. This keyword research will also help in writing the content of any article.


Other options to choose the topic is through the trending analysis on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Unknown and unique topics are easily recognizable by the google as very few people search for that topics but it will be easy to get recognized based on the small market. However, famous topics like travel, food, beauty, parenting, and politics are eye-catching and appeal to wide audience.  In addition, you can always search for the potential keyword ranking through Google Keyword Planning Tool. To use the google keyword planning tool, you need a Google Adwords account (it is free to signup).

google keywordspanner

For example, the keyword “photograph” has a low competition with an average search volume of 100k-1M while the term “wedding photograph” has a better marketing value and competition. The keyword planner tool can be used for writing the articles because it helps to give a rough idea about the keywords and topics to cover on your blog.

Strategy for blogging

SEO blog writing

Writing a blog content requires thinking about the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), where you have to use various keywords to focus on the Google search results. We have mentioned about the Google keyword planner tool to search for the competitive keywords. These keywords will help Google to identify the content and rank higher in Google search results. The focused keywords should be used in Title, Content, and Metadata. The repetition of keywords shouldn’t be more than 10% in the content.

Header Title

Header title is very important part of writing an article. The title should be eye-catching, short and should contain the focused keywords.

Other headers like H1, H2, H3 etc.

Similar to Microsoft Word for styling the content. It is very important to style the content of HTML properly to make it readable for the users.

Unique Content

The content of the blog should always be unique and interesting. The duplicate contents are easily recognized by Google and they can penalize the blog for not showing up in the search results.

Add media

Media’s play a vital role for overall presentation and completeness of any articles. There are other benefits of adding an image or video to an article. It helps people to discover any article based on image search or video search on google. Don’t forget to use “alt” for Google to recognize the image description. There are many websites that offer non-commercial licenses for images. The one we recommend for searching images are pexels.com, stock.xchng (http://sxc.hu), morgueFile (http://morguefile.com), Flickr (http://flickr.com). If you would like to pay for the images then you can find many options royalty free stock photos like Fotolia.com, Gettyimages.com.

Content Type

The content of the blog can be written in various formats which are:

  • News

The news is current and trending contents which require daily updates. The news blogs need to be updated regularly as the article’s validity and readability expires within a short period of time. However, the news contents get a huge traffic because of the big and current news information. You must concentrate on the eye-catching and breaking news instead of writing on general reporting.

  • Information

Informational blogs types are general information content. For example, information can be anything like traveling in Amsterdam, Restaurants in Hawaii etc.

  • Do it yourself guide

Do it yourself guides are a very useful way of sharing information for people to do small things by themselves. These guides are niche and should be targeted to solve the people’s issue with how to do it. For example, a topic like “DIY guide for Network Connectivity”.


How to guides are life hacks which are very useful for the readers. For example, you can write the content about “how to lose weight”.

  • Opinion

Opinion contents are general review based information for products, life, relationships etc. Opinion contents should have a strong editorial review and voice which are often driven by the personal experiences.

  • Entertainment

Entertainment blogs are easy to maintain and can cover a wide range of topics. Entertainment contents are generally viral contents which can expand topics like politics, viral contents, and funny contents.

Marketing your blog

Social Media

A blog without traffic is useless, you need to get a good amount of traffic to your website for earning a decent amount. Start with basics of creating a Facebook page, Google+ account, and twitter page. Social media marketing is a best and free way to share your blog posts and reach a great amount of targeted audience. You can start with inviting in your friend’s circle to promote your Facebook page.  You can also buy targeted audience based on your requirements. If you have a good content then social media will be an automatic viral content promotion for your blog as the content is shared in an infinite loop within the friend circle. Some of the other blog post sharing sites like reddit and dig can be useful to submit your link to the exact topic based audience.

Organic Traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a type of organic traffic that you get from Google search results. Google has a complex algorithm to rank all the websites. But the very basics of understanding SEO are:

  • Good Inbound Links: Links play a vital role to rank the website and put on the top of google search results. It requires a lot of time to build up the reputation in Google.
  • Social Media Links and profile
  • Site Structure and On page SEO to remove all the errors from the web page
  • Meta tags (Some SEO plugins can help you to set all the meta tags for SEO)
  • Mobile Friendly website
  • Web 2.0 profile links
  • Blog Commenting
  • Quora Answers
  • Forum Participation
  • SEO Titles

Blog Platform

Free Blogs


It is a free blog provider where you can create your first blog with a Google account. It has many limitations and you don’t have your own domain and it can’t be scaled to your needs.

Self-Hosted Blog with Domain name

Domain Registration

Get your domain from any service providers like Godaddy, 1and1 or any other company. You must research before getting any domain as it remains for a lifetime and act as a brand for your blog. Consider the following for buying a domain name:

  • The domain should be short and unique. Try to get a domain which has 5 letters to 7 letters.
  • Use mix of two words like Travel Spicy
  • Try to search for .com domain if you are targeting global market and if local then you might get a 5 letters domain
  • Keep the domain as short as possible
  • Try to think about a brand name and easy to remember
  • Look for the keyword based domain
  • Previously expired domains

Some websites to search for possible names are domain are http://www.domainsbot.com/ and Instantdomainsearch.com


There are many hosting providers ranging from $2 to $500 depending on the type of hosting and space. For the small-scale blog you need to start with Shared hosting and gradually when your blog has a lot of visitors, you can switch to VPS or dedicated hosting. Some of the famous hosting sites are 1and1, Godaddy and Hostgator.

Content Management


WordPress is the most popular blog hosting website (wordpress.org) and it is open source with a lot of plugins according to your needs. It is a very stable blog platform with many supporters, themes. WordPress is not only a blog platform but also used for hosting various service websites like E-commerce, portfolio websites etc.

Earning money through blog


Adsense is a Google product for advertising solution. It is set up with google account and upon review, you need to setup various codes to show the advertisements on your blog. The advertisement can be of any form such as image-based ads, text-based ads or combination of both. It is a basic way to earn some amount of money with advertisement.


Affiliate programs are the way to advertise and promote any third party products without any inventory or product ownership. Every niche has affiliate products to promote. Clickbank and Commission Junction are famous digital affiliate marketing websites that you can use to find affiliate programs based on your niche topics. Some people use Amazon affiliate because of the popularity of the Amazon and huge commission amount. For example, if someone follows the affiliate link from your website you get a commission of 4-15% of the product price.


If you are expert in some of the topic and you want to sell your expertise then you can create a digital e-book to sell on your blog as a product.

Paid Reviews

Paid reviews are a way to write and review about any product on your website. You get paid for the review and putting the link on your website. If you have a good page rank of your website, you can get a good amount of money per post your review. Some of the services are http://payperpost.com, http://reviewme.com

Other tools for Blogging

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a traffic statistics monitoring services to record analytical data. It is a free service provided by Google which can be integrated with any Google account. It shows you a detailed in-depth statistics of the traffic including impressions, search queries, country, real-time and number of clicks. This helps the user to understand the site and focus on the future expansion. This tools will also help in understanding the demographics of the visitors and devices used for accessing the website. In addition, traffic sources can be identified using this tool which tells about the organic and referral traffic to the website.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools is a tool to submit your website and check the status of the website indexing on Google. You can do basic site index status with google and you can do various other website related settings.



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