8 Ways to Identify your bad relationship

It’s inevitable for so many reasons. Every girl or boy will encounter a bad relationship. It doesn’t matter whether you meet them through a dating app or at a bar. Their species exist in all forms everywhere. If you are in a space of wanting a bad relationship, then all the luck in that endeavor. However, if you need help identifying one so you can protect yourself from a major hurting. Here are the signs.

1. If he/she only contacts you when he is bored.

If he had a genuine interest in you, he wouldn’t only contact you when he’s bored at work or can’t fall asleep. You are not a dog at their beck and call. It can be difficult when you wait all day, week, or even month for some kind of contact. Be strong and don’t relent.

2. He/She messages but never calls.

If you can count how many times he has called you on your fingers or specific times, then there is something wrong. Phone calls are old school but also intimate. A cheating person know this! A phone call is a direct communication line between him and you. Calling you means he/she wants to hear your amazing voice. A cheating person doesn’t often make this mistake. They are scared to overly commit. So they will make sure to use messaging as their key form of communication and perhaps a phone call here and there on those lonely nights.

3. He reads the messages and responds way, way later.

After a conversation, you give the last response and he doesn’t reply until later.

You will get those charming messages, “Hey baby, how’s it going?” Don’t be fooled. A cheating person knows how to carry a conversation; they have practiced the art way before you arrived. They should always respond at a respectful time. If you find yourself always starting the conversation and he/she responds at his/her own time. Be careful. If he/she has an actual interest in you, he/she would make time to respond. The only reason he sends those messages is so he can still hold onto you.

Also, don’t make excuses for them. “Oh, he/she was studying.” Or “Work takes a lot out of him.” People live life and still make time for those they value.

4. You have sex together but never sleep together.

He/She knows where to touch you and how to make you feel special. After being intimate, it’s hard not to find yourself attached to your partner. That’s normal to feel a connection and perhaps find yourself considering a partnership in your future. However, if you’re being intimate but then they rush you out the bed that night or morning with excuses. That is never a good sign of a prosperous future.

5. Outings are rare and only to a private space.

He’ll wine and dine you in the beginning, right before he gets what he wants. Then there will be a progression where night outings become Netflix and chill. He/She will start to feel lazy to keep it up if he feels that he/she has a good grasp on you. Why try harder than he has to?

6. Never met any of his/her friends or family

If there was a possible future, he will introduce you or talk/ post something with you. If he/she is talking about the important people in his/her life but hides you away, he is not serious about you.

7. He/She acts differently when he/she is around others

He should always be authentic, whether it’s just you two alone or when he is around his friends. If he is code switching and you’re seeing different personalities, he is way too immature. He doesn’t fully accept himself yet and still has a lot to grow on.

  1. Hides his/her phone

Being respectful of someone’s privacy is very important. However, going to the bathroom or waiting till you’re away before he checks his phone is a sure sign of playing. He doesn’t want to loose you, but at the same time, he wants to keep chatting with others so he will hide his phone.

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