5 PowerPoint Alternatives: Maximum Functionality Minus the Expense

There are 5 PowerPoint alternatives that can mirror usability, relevance, and functionality. 

Bill Gates is a genius indeed for his Microsoft Office is widely being used by many people all over the globe. However, along with his power and innovative software comes a high expense. Microsoft is no longer affordable for a good number of people. Hence, alternatives are emerging not only to challenge the reign of the king of software but to respond to the need of users looking for a cheaper option.

In particular, the Microsoft PowerPoint software is already facing competition with these 5 PowerPoint alternatives to be considered.

  1. Prezi

It ranks high in innovation for it veers away from the convention of the slide-to-slide viewing. Instead, you will be encountering a whole new interface and ground-breaking designs. It is not that user-friendly, but if you do get the hang of it, making edgy and impressive presentations is fairly easy. What users do instead is to put everything on a single board and just define the parts and the order as you work. It is like having a big canvass to put in all your elements before you organize your presentations.

  1. Google docs

Yes, Google is definitely branching out. Not only will it be the number one search engine, but it is also allowing users to do more with its amazing apps. In particular, Google Doc Presentations can be a great PowerPoint alternative. You can even insert Youtube videos directly. It is free and all you need is a strong internet connection. The only requirement is that you have a Gmail account to access all the features. It actually has a similar interface with Microsoft word with its themes and animations. Though you are working on the cloud, users can still save the presentations to their devices by downloading it as PPTX files. Make sure you go through the tutorial and download the latest version of Google Chrome to maximize the latest features.

  1. SlideRocket

If you are looking for a program to help you with your web presence, then SlideRocket is your best option. Its advanced animations and transitions make for one impressive presentation. In addition, it ranks high in usability; allowing you to easily scour the net for great content and then add it. Just go through the tutorial for the interface may be very much different from PowerPoint. The only hitch is that you are limited to a web presentation. Although you can download it as a PDF file, it will cost you a bit.

  1. Keynote

Keynote is the PowerPoint version on the Mac computers. It is far cheaper and fully capable to make various kinds of presentations. It ranks high in usability, but it has a major flaw. Keynote’s presentations are oriented towards images, so it is not the best option for presentations with long text. Nonetheless, it is fully capable of creating animations, various effects as well as 3D charts for an impressive presentation. Users can also have the option to export the presentations into PPT files via the iCloud to make it accessible to devices using iOS. For sure, Keynote is highly welcomed by Apple fans.

  1. Impress

If you are already familiar with PowerPoint then the Impress is your best option. Not only is it free but it uses an interface that is very close to the PowerPoint 2003. In this way, learning the rope is not going to be difficult as compared to other PowerPoint alternatives. Impress is actually a component of the OpenOffice.org program. Just like PowerPoint, you can make master slides with several layout options. Working with Impress is easy; just a simple right click to make object inspection, add animations and transitions and other cool stuff.


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