How to use Google Advanced Search

They say you could get everything from the internet, but where do you usually begin? You start in Google. That is how Google has emerged to be the leading search engine because most internet users would rely on the site for quick and relevant results. In the same way, website owners and internet marketers often optimize their sites with the right keywords to land on the first page of a Google search result.

Google search secrets enable you to refine your search to the most relevant by knowing the right code or formula to use in the search box.

#1  Search phrases

  • Either/or.For keyword phrases like adolescent literary prose, Google usually uses all keywords unless you specify with an “or”, meaning only either one word or two. For convenience, you may use the pipe (|) symbol.


adolescent OR literary prose

  • Quotation marks. This is pretty simple, but very helpful for just by putting quotation marks on your search phrases, you will get accurate matches in your results.

adolescent “literary prose”

Google will search for pages with the word adolescent and the exact phrase of literary prose.

  • Inclusion of words.By using the plus “+” sign, you can direct the search to include all the words particularly the “of” and “the”.


  • Exclusion of words. You can use the “-“ symbol to omit certain words in the search results.

-adolescent literary prose

Google will search for literary prose but not adolescent.

  • If you are unsure about the right keywords, you can use a wildcard or the symbol “*”. This comes very handy when searching for songs and you only have a few lines that you remember.

love is a many * thing

#2  Filetype searches

If you are looking for a specific filetype, list the searchterm:filetype.


This will give you all the pdf documents on the gpa calculator.

#3  Site searches

Cut your search short by helping Google zoom in on what you are looking for in a particular site rather than crawl unnecessary sites. Follow this secret formula:

site:site name file type

If you need articles and information about Africa from the time magazine, this is how you do it:

#4 Word Definitions

Many times, search results can vary for a given search. For instance, if you search for the meaning of the phrase “will o the wisp”, you will get results of various links that speaks of its origin, history, translations and the likes. If all you ever wanted was a quick definition without the additional click to another link and this can be done by inputting the word “define” in the search box.

define:will o the wisp

This will yield an outright definition without the need to transfer to another link.

#5 Google Advanced Search

If you cannot remember all the useful Google search secrets, then you can easily filter your searches just by clicking on the advanced search button found at the bottom of the page. You will then be taken to the page where you can set your search. You can find pages containing the exact keywords or any one will do. You can then narrow down your results by choosing the language, region, and the last update. Here, you can also put the specific site you want to be searched including the reading level, file type and more importantly, usage rights. This advanced search is particularly helpful if you are looking for unlicensed and free to use images to post in your blog or your site. In this way, you avoid any copyright issues with the legitimate owners.

When you search for any item, you must click on the Tools to get more options on the search.



Use the time to search for any document, article that was published in a certain time period. The google advanced search can let you assign the time for the following period:

  • Any Time
  • Past hour
  • Past 24 hour
  • Past Week
  • Past Month
  • Past Year
  • and Custom Range

Advanced option for searching images.







Usage Rights


More Tools


Google search secrets can help you optimize your site for the use of the Google keywords tool.

#6 Google Keyword Tools

Using this free online tool allowing you to determine which keywords are being used in Google searches. In this way, you can optimise your site by putting the keywords that people are looking for. To start, put “Google keywords tool” in the search box, then click the first link on the search result. You will be directed to Google AdWords page where you can key in the keywords that you have in mind and then you get a list of related keywords that you can use.

#7 Stop Words

Know that Google searches exclude some words to fast track the search and also to save on disk space. These excluded words are called stop words. Here are a few samples:

a, above, about, an, and, is, of, on, or, so, such, to, the, under, when, yet

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