Tips for the Best PowerPoint Presentation to Captivate Your Audience

Speaking in public can be daunting especially if you are making a sales pitch or perhaps in the business of educating people. Nowadays, people are not easily convinced or persuaded, which is why you need to find innovative tools to make your presentations captivating. Many people have used the PowerPoint to make various presentations with its easy to use interface and cool animations and transitions. However, even the coolest software cannot help you if you do not know how to optimize its features and use.

Captivate your audience by learning a few tips for the best PowerPoint presentation as listed below:

  1. Organize your content.

To start, make an outline of your presentation for a good one largely depends on a good script. It is best to write the titles of each slide so that you can organize your content. Presenting a product or an idea is just like storytelling. Make sure you have a good beginning, a meaty middle and a captivating ending.

  1. Learn how to effectively use the slide master and layouts.

Maximize the features of PowerPoint so that you can make great presentations with ease. Many have used the slide master to help them organize their content, thereby saving you the time on manually making each slide. In this way, you will have a consistent look, which is not only clean but easily understood.

  1. Synchronize the slides with what you will say.

The real purpose of a PowerPoint presentation is to aid you in illustrating a point. It will not replace nor steal the spotlight away from you. Hence, every slide should be synchronized to what you have to say. If the slides are advanced, people will read it as soon as it is onscreen and just wait for you to catch up. Arrange the slides in such a way that they come onscreen on the very instant that you need them.

  1. Use captivating text

Since the PowerPoint presentation is more of an aid than the actual content itself, shorten your sentences and use powerful phrases. If you can avoid bullets, the better because it has been done for years and people want fresher ideas. If you cannot avoid bullets, then make sure to stick to one line bulleted text. The purpose of your text is to capture the attention of your audience so choose your text wisely.

  1. Choose graphics as illustrations.

Instead of a wordy slide, go for graphics instead like charts and diagrams. Many times, a chart says it all minus the lengthy explanations that may only confuse your readers. The point of using graphics is to make the presentation easy to understand. PowerPoint now makes it easy for you to do this particularly if you are using Excel to create your charts.

  1. Maximize the theme options.

If you are selling a product, go for uniform themes that utilize the same color combinations and show your company’s logo. This is what is called branding, wherein your audience easily associates a color or a symbol to your product. The point in making a good presentation is that your listeners remember it afterward. You can easily choose one of the many themes included in PowerPoint and once you click on one, it will automatically reset all the slides. You can also customize the theme for a unique and pretty impressive presentation.

  1. Enhance with images or video and audio clips.

Images can readily enhance your presentation because they are visually enticing. In this way, you can break the monotony of wordy presentations as is often the case with the regular presentation. Incidentally, the PowerPoint 2010 has made it easy for you to insert a video, which the program automatically embeds. However, makes sure not to clutter your presentations with many images or lengthy videos. Always follow the rule of “less is more”.

  1. Have a blank screen.

Steve Jobs often does this to give his audience a break and enable them to absorb what you have to say. You have other options actually like engaging your audience in a conversation or by asking questions. This helps them grasp your meanings if you are talking to them like you are a friend or a colleague. Incidentally, it may help you if you modulate your voice rather than speak like a drone, which can sound very boring.

  1. Utilize the animations and transitions effectively.

There are some very cool animations and transitions in PowerPoint. These may be so cool that you use them all throughout the entire presentation. Remember our motto of “less is more”? You may use animations and transitions, but do so to make a point or for emphasis. These cool features are supposed to enhance your presentation and not clutter it. Too much of everything will distract the audience from the real message you want to relay. As a rule of thumb, use animations to key points only.

Before the actual day, make it a point to rehearse your presentation.

By following these simple tips for the best PowerPoint presentation, you can be a brilliant speaker even if it is just your first time and you are wracked with nerves. With a good planning and execution of all the right tools, you can be the greatest salesman or the best lecturer with your cool slides that are truly captivating.

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