10 Liveable Cities in the world

The planet has a mass of more than 50 million square miles or roughly the size of South America.  The topography is diverse with the frozen icecaps of the Arctic, the lush greens of the tropical islands or the scorching heat of the desert. In various places, man has thrived even in along the borders of the polar caps where the Inuit has lived for centuries. But for a place to be livable, it should offer more than just the resources we need to survive. With advancement in technology, we can harvest any of the Earth’s resources. Hence, the modern man searches for the 10 livable cities in the world based on a single criterion: a high quality of living. However, a quality life is dependent on many factors including a country’s modern infrastructures, political stability, and sustainable development.

Europe tops the list of having most of the 10 livable cities in the world. The North American and Australian continent also offers its own version of paradise where people can enjoy a peaceful life with all the convenience of modern amenities.

Here we list the 10 livable cities in the world based on the quality of life:

  • Zurich is not a large city, but its contribution to the Swiss economy is high. You may easily notice the fashionable shops and wealth of the city, but what the Swiss people love about their city are its safety and security. The high quality of life in Zurich is equaled by its top-notch medical care.
  • Auckland is known as the city of sails, but you will not see any of its people sailing away from the city for long. This European city ranks high in terms of culture and environment as well as political stability and safety. However, its infrastructures still need to keep up with the city’s excellence in quality living. Nonetheless, Auckland attracts plenty of investors for business is not only easy but thriving.
  • Vienna is a popular tourist destination in Austria. The city offers various recreational activities like restaurants, theatres, and various shops. For its dwellers, the green landscapes and the fresh air are only the bonus features that make the city a livable place. In terms of political and economic climate as well as in medical care, education, and infrastructure, Vienna has consistently been in the top 5.
  • Copenhagen is known for its commitment to a green lifestyle making it the most bicycle-friendly city in the world. It is an urban hub, second to the largest city in Scandinavia. However, more than its robust urban development particularly in infrastructures, the city ranks high in quality of life that is sustainable.
  • Melbourne has consistently topped the rankings as one of the top 10 livable cities in the world. The city ranks high in infrastructure, medical care and education. It may lack a few points to get a perfect score in culture, but the city offers the best music in the world.
  • Toronto is not only livable but it is highly competitive as can be seen as in the city’s bid to be at the world stage. The city boasts of its innovations in technology as well as in improving the quality of life-based on sustainable options.
  • Munich often takes a central place in history, some of which are not so colorful events. However, the city shows its true spirit as it continues to thrive and receive the honor of one of the most livable cities in the world. Both residents and tourists enjoy the great architecture of the city particularly its great avenues and regal buildings.
  • Helsinki in Finland ranks almost perfect in political and economic stability as well as in medical care. The city is known for its creativity and innovations in its urban projects, which is why the Monocle magazine dubbed it as “a city where good ideas come quickly to life”.
  • Stockholm boasts of its green space with as much as 40% of the area of this Swedish capital devoted to parks and lakes as well as various trails for hiking. The quality of life of the Swedish people creates the perfect balance of work and leisure with the beautiful landscapes the region offer.

#10 Vancouver is one of the safest places to live. Its cultural and economic growth is complemented by modern infrastructures that ensure its spot as part of the 10 livable cities in the world.

There are many other beautiful cities in the world, which is why the ranking often vary, although the same city names appear from time to time. However, more than the picturesque features, livable cities need to offer growth to its dwellers as well as peace and mind with criminality low or almost non-existent. Nonetheless, if you seek to enjoy a high quality of life, you have to do your contribution, no matter how small it is. Start with cleaning your own backyard, throwing your trash properly and committing to using sustainable energy in your home.

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