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There are many websites that you can search for the best flight deals. We recommend you to use a flight comparison website and then check the lowest prices on the individual airline website. Sometimes the online flight deals are better provided by the local travel agents. Flight deals depends on various factors of when you check for the prices, how you check, your destination, etc.

Time to book flight tickets: The best deals are always available 6 months before the flight departure. If possible, always book your flight tickets before minimum 3 months of your departure. However, unforeseen circumstances always let you book flight tickets at the last moment. If you know about your destination, book your flight tickets right away.

Tips and Tricks for Flight Deals.

Clear your browser history and (cookies) OR use INCOGNITO/private Mode:

The website works with your computer cookies. If you search for any flight destinations for more than 2 times, the flight website based on your cookie search increases the prices. It is recommended to clear your cookies before you book tickets from any website. Alternatively, you can also use incognito or private mode in your browser to search for the best flight deals. In Google Chrome, you can press ctrl+shift+n or in Mac command+shift+n.


incognito mode

Search for Coupon Codes:

Most of the websites provide a coupon code for introductory bookings. Search for the website that provides best deals on the coupon Coupon codes are usually available in different websites. However, most of the coupon codes are distributed by the airline companies for promotional purposes. They send you to your email address. Please check your email every time for any such promotional code or deals.

Get Travel Voucher:

Share your travel experience with us of minimum 1500 words of text and photographs for 2 Every month, we give way a certain amount of travel vouchers providing flight tickets for the travel experience sharer.

Compare Prices from local travel agents:

Sometimes the local agents have their own deals where the prices are much lower than online fare. Try one or two popular agents in your town. In addition, if you go for local travel agents, then they also provide tour packages which are good options as because they provide a complete deal of local travel, flights, and hotels. They provide good deals because of the bulk booking, and you share the travel cost with other people while traveling on buses, etc.

Find Credit Card Deals:

Most of the credit card companies provide deals on entertainments such as movies, hotels or flight tickets. Search in your country specific travel websites and check for the credit card or debit card deals. Credit card deals can be in two forms, as a discount and sometimes as a cashback. Both options are good as you purchase the ticket for a less price.

Find frequent flyers program:

Frequent flyer program is very common with many airlines. Choose for a particular airline and collect frequent flyer point each and every time you fly with that airline. Most popular is “Emirates frequent flyer programme.” Some people upgrade to business class with their frequent flyer number and some select to buy new flight tickets for free. Frequent flyers can also be used to access the premium lounges at the airport.

Budget carrier and deals:

If you are traveling locally, you can also look for budget airlines such as in Europe you have: Ryanair and Easyjet, etc. Their flight tickets are always cheaper than any airlines. There are many local airline available worldwideEurope: Ryanair and Easyjet or Country Specific Flights such as Vueling,India: Indigo and SpicejetSouth Africa: Flysafair and MangoAsia: Air AsiaThailand: Lion Air, AirAsia, and VietjetUSA: Southwest Airlines and JetblueCanada: Westjet

Domestic Flights – Separate Outbound Flights:

If you are booking a domestic airline, book an onward and return flight ticket separately, as you can get a better deal. Domestic flights are usually of the same price when you book one way or return. If you go for a price aggregator website, they compare you’ best deals on the domestic airline. However, try to search for both the tickets separately.

International Flights – Same airline return tickets:

For booking international flights, you must always book tickets with a return flight on the same airline. This gives you a better deal and easier for long distance connecting flights. Try to always search for direct flights, however, sometimes long layover connecting flights are cheaper to buy. The positive side is that you get to travel in your long layover and explore a new place. The negative side is that you will get tired easily with long layovers.

Use of Google advanced search for flights:

There are many ways to find the best deals. One of the unexplored ways of finding through Google is its power of advanced search. For example, if you are searching on a particular website such as, you can search on Google with “ deals,” this will show all the best deals available on that website. In this situation, we are searching for deals available only on the particular website, but if you would like search in another website, just change the to say and so on. If you are searching for deals for a destination in general, you can use “intitle:deals London to Venice”. This is an example where we are searching for the term “deal” in the title and show all the websites which have the term deal in the title.

Ask for the local agent offer or deals:

You can always ask your local agents for any deal or good price available for the destinations. At first, check for the price online then call or visit a travel agent to ask for a better deal than the online fare.

Check nearby airport flights:

Check nearby airports for better deals. For example, if you are looking for flights to San Francisco, then you must look for options in nearby international airports such as Oakland, San Jose, etc. Or if the deal is really good for Los Angeles, you can book an international ticket to Los Angeles and fly or go on the surface to San Francisco. If you have an option of traveling to the destination through trains or buses, then you can choose a different location where there is a lower

Google Flights Deals

Search for large airport deals:

Large international airports have always different flight fare than the smaller domestic airports. If your final destination is a domestic airport, then choose a nearby international airport and get to your final destination through buses or trains or any form of travel.

Airport to Airport Deals:

Some airports collaborated with other airports to provide the cheap fly option. For example, Oakland and Nordic airports always have some offers and deals. The prices are much lower than flying to any other European country.

Flight Alert Subscription or Google Alerts:

If you have time to book for your flight, then monitor your flight prices with various website alerts, or you can choose for Google flight price alerts. Alerts are the best way to keep a track when the prices are going down.

Flexible Onward and Return Flights:

Be flexible with your holidays and book tickets according to the best prices + – 3 days. In this way, your flight’s tickets and other bookings are cheaper.

Compare present airline price with historical data:

It is always preferable to check the historical flight fare for the airline you are booking. It gives you a brief idea for how much you should buy an airline ticket for the specific destination with an airline.

Check Facebook or Twitter airline pages for offers and deals:

Most of the airlines have their social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter. Check their website for any deals published recently or any deals available.

Use Pay later option:

Some of the airlines provide pay later option to lock the deal or pricing. Use this options if you are not sure that it is the best deal that you’re buying. You have 48-72 hours to pay and search for any other deal.

Other Currency ticket option:

check flight tickets in other currencies, sometimes different currencies offer different prices on the same airline ticket. In addition, you can also choose different local websites to buy your ticket. For example, if you live in the United States, choose a local website like England, Europe, China or Indian websites for better deals. There is a price difference because populated countries such as China and India have a low-profit level and high sales. Also, in the global world, you can pay with your master or visa cards in any website.

Hidden City Connecting Flights:

Missing a flight is very common in the airline industry. Recently, we were trying to book flights for Amsterdam, but we found a better deal to Rome stop over at Amsterdam. You can choose for this type of deals. However, the airline will know that you didn’t get into the airplane, also, if you have a checked in baggage, most probably they will provide you at the destination.

Which day to book:

Weekends are always costlier than the weekdays. If you try to get a booking on Fridays or Saturdays, you have to pay the maximum price. However, if you change your plans to accommodate weekday’s then onward ticket on Wednesdays or Thursdays are always cheaper. Try to make your return flights on Sundays, or Wednesdays or Thursdays. You can always check for the best deals on Skyscanner or Google Flights monthly chart for the lowest fares available on that month.

Holiday ticket pricing:  

A certain period of months is costly such as during the Christmas holidays or Easter holidays. Try to avoid booking during the holidays and decide on a different day to avoid overcharging of flight tickets, hotel booking, etc. Peak holidays are always overpriced for everything you book.

Unsold Tickets:

Sometimes, the airlines are not able to sell the tickets during the low price period, so the last minute pricing during 4-8 weeks, the prices reduces drastically which is even less than the normal pricing. This happens when the airlines are not filled up during the initial period. Always check the prices of the airline tickets before 4-8 weeks of your departure.

Last Minute Flights:

If you would like to take a risk then call the airlines 4-5 hours before the departure, most probably you will get a good deal if they are not fully booked. Some airlines provide a better price and some doesn’t reduce any price. The last minute booking is completely on the airlines.

The Cheapest Round-trip Tickets from New York to Paris

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Tickets from 236



1 stop

Tickets from 237



2 stops

Tickets from 310

Some of the online comparison websites are:


skyscanner _flight

Skyscanner is a fare comparison website to search for the best deals on flights and hotels. Skyscanner is one of the best websites that I am using since 2010. This website is very convenient to research for the initial flight fares. You have various options such as multicity search and price graph in a month etc.

Google Flights

google flights deals

Google flights is a comprehensive flight search aggregator to search for any destination. It is the best way to find the deals. Google flights have partnered with various flight booking distributors and provide a comparison and best deals on specific destinations. However, sometimes not all the aggregators show the best deals.


CheapOair provides best flight deals based on various price comparison. Sometimes CheapOair provides better deals than any of the price aggregator websites.

budget_flight is another price comparison website which provides you with various flight comparison deals.


kayak flight deals

Kayak is one of the oldest price comparison websites, yet powerful way to compare the best deals. Kayak is good for the European flights and deals.


dohop flight deals

Dohop is another price aggregator website which provides best deals on European flights.


Cheapflights is a worldwide flight fare aggregator to check for the best offers.

Some local country websites are:


South Africa:

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